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Yankalilla District Who's Who

Distinguished and Famous people from Yankalilla District

Peter Goers

Peter Goers is an Australian actor, playwright, and broadcaster. He was born in the Yankalilla District and is best known for hosting the popular radio program "Evenings with Peter Goers" on ABC Radio Adelaide.

John Mannion

John Mannion was an Australian politician and a member of the Australian House of Representatives. He was born in the Yankalilla District and served as the Member for Grey from 1938 to 1949.

Eliza Acton

Eliza Acton was an English food writer and poet. Although she was not born in the Yankalilla District, Acton spent a significant part of her life in South Australia, particularly in the town of Yankalilla. She is renowned for her influential cookbook "Modern Cookery for Private Families."

Elena Bondar

Elena Bondar is a professional golfer from Australia. She was born in the Yankalilla District and has achieved success both nationally and internationally in golf tournaments.

Valdis Dunis

Valdis Dunis is an Australian artist known for his unique sculptures and metalwork. He was born and raised in the Yankalilla District and has exhibited his artwork in various galleries across the country.

Harry Vere Barclay

Harry Vere Barclay was an Australian soldier and recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy. He was born in the Yankalilla District and served in the Australian Imperial Force during World War I.

Dame Roma Mitchell

Dame Roma Mitchell was an Australian lawyer, judge, and state governor. While she was not originally from the Yankalilla District, Dame Mitchell spent a substantial portion of her life in South Australia and actively contributed to the region's legal and political landscape.

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